Фекшн-фокус про силы

Фекшн-фокус про силы Хаоса в Килл Тиме. Из 2 частей.

В этой части ванильные хсм и 1000 Сынов.

Ваниль. 2 командира – Возвышенный Чемпион и Колдун.
Аура-стратагема Чемпиона включается в начале фазы стрельбы за 1 КП и даёт в 6 дюймах от себя переброс 1 на Ранение.
Колдун знает несколько заклинаний, например:
Смертельный Наговор – 7+ сложность, вражеская модель в 12 дюймах лишается инвуля до начала следующей псифазы.
Дьявольская Сила – 6+ сложность, дружественная модель в 8 от колдуна получает +2 к силе и +1 к атакам.

1000 Сынов. 2 командира – Возвышенный Колдун и Тзаангор Шаман. Оба обладают 5+ инвулем, оба летают на диске на 12 дюймов и оба знают заклинания из школы Перемен. Например, Заряд Перемен (сложность 9+, ближайшая видимая псайкеру вражеская модель в 12 дюймах ловит Д3 морталки).
Возвышенный колдун более могучий заклинатель, но у Шамана есть Колдовской Эликсир, позволяющий ему перебросить первый проваленный в битве психик тест.

“If youve been yearning for a murderous champion of the Dark Gods to lead your kill team in the slaughter of your foes, you havent got long to wait Kill Team: Commanders is available to pre-order tomorrow!

Weve already covered the various Imperial and xenos Commanders earlier in the week, so now its the turn of Chaos! Regardless of your choice, a Chaos Commander will add a powerful new asset to your kill team; their skill, influence and sheer killing power is unrivalled even by the Leaders or specialists of your foes. Lets take a look at the dread Commanders who will soon be joining the kill teams of Chaos.

The Commanders of the Heretic Astartes take the form of Exalted Champions and Sorcerers. Each is a skilled warrior in their own right, and can provide nearby models from your kill team with some powerful aura abilities.

In the case of the Exalted Champion, this takes the form of the Aspire to Glory Aura Tactic, which is useful both in melee and at range. A Sorcerer, meanwhile, augments his allies through his mastery of the warp. Try casting Death Hex on a target that youve just charged with a tooled-up Combat specialist, then use Diabolic Strength to help him finish the job. Even an enemy Commander could fall to such a combo!

The Thousand Sons have a choice between an all-powerful Exalted Sorcerer and a Tzaangor Shaman. Both benefit from a 5+ invulnerable save and are able to wield powers from the Discipline of Tzeentch, including the devastating Bolt of Change. As a magister of many thousands of years experience, an Exalted Sorcerer is obviously the more powerful psyker of the two, though the Tzaangor Shaman can drink its Sorcerous Elixir for a second chance to cast that one crucial power during the battle (like the aforementioned Bolt of Change).

In addition to being a skilled psyker, the Exalted Sorcerer is a capable all-rounder and, like the Tzaangor Shaman, is even able to ride a Disc of Tzeentch. These daemonic platforms offer their rider a 12 move and the means to Fly as terrain is often very dense in games of Kill Team, this combination of speed and freedom of movement is a huge advantage.”

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