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Genocide Pact – Induction
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Abnogenesis
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Submission Reigns
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Desecration
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Despotism
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Menial Subsistence
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact – Experiments In Nihilsm
продолжительность = 0.42 мин.

Genocide Pact (USA) “Forged Through Domination” (2015)
(Old School Death Metal)

“Forged Through Domination” – дебютный полноформатник американской дэт-метал формации GENOCIDE PACT. “Думи” дэтовый, атмосферный, качевый, хуковый материал. Влажный и низкий гроул, проседания до чистого дум Жирнющий дэт одного поля с GATECREEPER, BOLT THROWER, GRAVE и ASPHYX.
Некоторым может показаться скучным в виду того, что на альбоме от силы штук 5 ускорений и увеличений темпа, щепотка бласт-битов, несколько соляков. Однако мне понравилось. Genocide Pact вместе с двумя альбомами можно назвать хорошими представителями мрачноватеньких дэт-групп второго эшелона. (c)


Review to this release from site Metal-Archives :

One-dimensional but enjoyable for what it is – 60%
(c) IamDBR, July 12th, 2016

Genocide Pact is a newcomer to the American death metal scene, debuting with the full length Forged Through Domination.

The band play a riff-heavy slow to mid-tempo death metal that trudges along until it settles into a crushing groove. Most riffs here are slow burn affairs that pick up the pace occasionally and, more often than not, adjust to the aforementioned groove. The drums are nothing flashy, basically supporting the guitar along with the churning bass. So when the thrashy sections and blasting frenzies take over it feels all the more satisfying. I was expecting the guys to go pure fucking apeshit more often but that didn’t happen. Sure certain grooves get the heart pumping but usually it comes off as extremely predictable and derivative. Also some crude solos are thrown in here and there as a mere novelty. The cavernous growls heard here are deep and dark but that’s it.

Considering the br00tal band name and the edgy album art I was expecting something more darker, heavier. Instead, I got uninspired songwriting and rehashed riffs but despite that Forged Through Domination offers some satisfactory death metal goodness. It’s far from great however.

I hear some Bolt Thrower here but Genocide Pact have a long way to go before such tremendous comparisons can even be made. Pick this up if you like simple, stripped-down old school death metal but honestly, there is better stuff out there.


Crushing mid-tempo death metal from Washington DC featuring members of D.O.C. and Red Death. Well done old school death metal with a doomy vibe and the occasional hardcore influence.

Track Listing:
1. Induction 02:19
2. Agnogenesis 03:56
3. Submission Reigns 02:48
4. Desecration 03:41
5. Despotism 04:15
6. Menial Subsistence 04:21
7. Trials in Nihilism 04:42
Total Length: 26:02

Tim – Guitars, Vocals
Nolan – Bass
Connor Donegan – Drums

Recording information:
Recorded at Devloping Nations July 2014.
Mastered at Audiosiege.

Joshy Brettell – Artwork
Brad Boatright – Mastering
Kevin Bernsten – Recording

Released January 1, 2015

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